W.E.T. – Rise Up [5.0]

WET rise up COVER

Like a summer breeze in the late February. This album takes the sun out in the most northern winter lands. But what could you either possibly expect from the elite musicians of W.E.T and the well-known producer Erik Mårtensson? Just greatness even this time with Rise Up. This album is much way better from the previous work.
Magnus Hendriksson (guitar) and Robban Bäck (drums) from Eclipse contribute the band a great symbiosis playing together, and of course the voice of Jeff Scott Soto lifts the music to a higher level.
The sound is much more melodic and all the tracks fit together. They follow the traditional AOR/West-Coast genre but with a pinch of pop. And even if you find a similar theme through the songs, each one stick out alone. The lyrics are about hope and not givin’ up, like in the energetic title track Rise Up, Learn to Live Again and Still Unbroken. And finally you can hear two truly power ballad, Love Heals and Still Believe In Us. It’s more rare today to hear one so you have to cozy yourself with it.
The voice is very close produced compared to the other instruments, so here I would prefered more guitars and back-up chorus. And this is the only less positive thing I was thinking while listening to this album. Everything else is a delight to hear. Catchy songs with dynamical melodies and smooth balanced guitar solos. A perfect joy for a melodic-rock lover.

Released – 22.02.13
Frontiers Records

/Viktoria Colonna


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