Swedish deathstars Vomitory calls it quits

vomitory1The longtime servant of brutal death metal Vomitory has thrown in the towel. In 2013 an extreme swedish metal institution have now decided to head for the tombs and seek other ways to haunt the living world. But don’t fear, throughout the year the band’s final breaths will echo loud as several gigs are planned.

After 24 years, eight albums and hundreds of live shows across 30 countries, we have finally come to the end of the road. We in the band —TobiasUrbanErik and Peter — have made the collective decision to end Vomitory by the end of 2013. It has been a blast on all accounts, but all good things come to to an end, and for Vomitory, it is now. We will still play as many shows as possible during 2013, and we hope to see as many of you fans as possible there, so we can thank you for your true support during all these years!” – Vomitory

/Christoffer Bertzell

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