Luna Ad Noctum – Hypnotic Inferno [3.0]


In the press folder it says that polish Luna Ad Noctum play symphonic black metal, but I have to quite strongly disagree. This is hard hitting modern thrash/black metal. If you expect to find any Dimmu Borgir or Sceptic Flesh you are way off. Hypnotic Inferno is more like Old Man’s Child but without the synths and the technical aspect. Rather straight forward as in the vein of Lord Belial and Nifelheim.
There is a quite intense feel to the songs. Even though the riffs are somewhat generic thrash metal, they possess some dynamic. Melodies occur, mainly as traditional black metal dual riffing. This combination layers the music which lifts the quite monotone yet traditional black metal voice.
I do request a more frequent use of melodies. Songs as Fear Technique and Martyrium, clearly shows there are a melodic vein in the band. Some riffs turn monotone and lack creative arrangements. Either use more keyboards instead of some small blips or expand the guitar work. It will probably make Luna Ad Noctum a bit more… symphonic.

Released – 22.02.2013
Massacre Records

/Christoffer Bertzell

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