Eternal Tears Of Sorrow – Saivon Lapsi [4.0]


Sad and elegant is the cover. Not a doubt that this subtile artwork is made by Travis Smith, (known from Anathema, Opeth and Amorphis album images). The music is as sad and actually elegant like the cover. Even if the roughness conquer the growl of Altti Veteläinen and the guitar riffs, the keyboards’ melodies, the back-up female chorus and the clear voices of Jarmo Kylmänen and the guest singer Miriam Remvåg are gracefully dramatic, especially in duet Sound of Silence and Beneath The Frozen Leaves. You get deeply involved in the emotional gravity which embrace the album. Even if the progressive guitar solos make the music much lighter, the sound doesn’t leave the atmosphere of psychedelic doom. Normally I really have difficulties liking songs havin’ both growl and a clear voice, but here they fit naturally together, making the total work very dynamical. Although Jarmo sometimes has a crude unpolished voice which should be cleaner.The album even changes and develops track by track, starting with only growl, focusing on clear melodies in the middle and finishing with both in the songs. Eternal Tears Of Sorrow succeeds in Saivon Lapsi to blend symphonic goth with death metal.
Very good indeed.

Released – 22.02.2013
Massacre Records

/Viktoria Colonna

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