Diamond Dawn – Overdrive [2.5]


I really want to like Diamond Dawn. These guys really try hard and they’ve got absolutely the foundation laid down. This is AOR/Melodic Rock of the 80:s with all the typical fat keyboards and big chorus choirs. It is well arranged and neatly executed. I only have two objections. Unfortunately, these have quite the big impact on the overall product.
Alexander Strandell is doing a great job on this album, but he is also one of the reasons why I have trouble to enjoy it. Time to time he has some trouble intonating when reaching certain notes and completing melodies. This is enhanced by the fact that the lyrics and melodies ain’t always working out that good. Along with Alexanders sometimes too evident swedish accent, it doesn’t make it easy on the ears.
That said, I still got to conclude that this is a good product of melodic rock. Diamond Dawn does, without hesitation, come in it’s best shape as an uptempo band. The songs that have the more attitude, like California Rush, Take Me Higher and Turn it Up, always seem to work out better the slower more poppy ones. Diamond Dawn still got the future in front of them, but they still have some work to do before comparing to the likes of Heat and Dynazty.

Released – 22.02.13
Frontiers Records

/Christoffer Bertzell

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