Status Quo: Hanneman’s return to Slayer

Kerry+King+Gary+Holt+4+Metallica+Slayer+Megadeth+j_YhDQuHHvXlCurrently Kerry King and Slayer is working on new material for the upcoming album. They seem to have a lot of material and Mr. King is right now in lyric writing mode.

In a recent interview with Brendan Crabb of the situation on Jeff Hanneman’s potential return is brought up.

Since the necro spider bite in 2011, that sent him into early (temporary?) retirement, Gary Holt of Exodus has been filling the shoes of the extra guitarist. Kerry King doesn’t reveal any kind of detailed information hon his way back. It simply seems as if Gary Holt has to keep on touring worldwide with the world’s most brutal thrash band. (Unlucky him…)

/Christoffer Bertzell

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