Player – Too Many Reasons [2.5]


The two veterans Peter Beckett and Ronn Moss have returned to give us a new record with old school west coast band Player. It might be labeled as melodic rock, but this is slick and smooth west coast rock that sometimes flirts with AOR. Player has been around a long time. Formed in the seventies, the band has since then toured and recorded albums, always with a sense of quality. But no one can argue against the fact that the band is mostly known because of Ronn Moss 25-year old acting career as Ridge Forrester in the american soap opera The bold and the beautiful.
Player is best in simple pop/rock arrangements. When the pieces fall together they remind me of the great King of Hearts, such as in the songs I Will, To the Extreme and Precious. The more rock oriented parts and experimental tunes are unfortunately too anonymous for my ears.
This album is very easy listened to. It is both meant as a compliment as much as criticism. Throughout the whole album, melodies intertwine very beautifully. But even though the vocals are the lead, the other instruments sometimes fight over the melodic space. It could be a choice of production, but it also reveals that the vocals do not have melodies and lyrics strong enough to bear the songs for themselves.

Released – 22.02.2013
Frontiers Records

/Christoffer Bertzell

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