Drummer trauma in the Slayer-camp

jon1Dave Lombardo, drummer for (or ex. drummer?) Slayer, has recently commented on the fact that he within just a day got replaced by Jon Dette for the upcoming Australian festival tour. The switch, which is neither confirmed to be temporary or permanent, happened according to Mr. Lombardo after he brought too attention that the band had some serious flaws in their economic structure. The band was in an unnecessary way losing money and a major payment was apparently also behind in time for Dave Lombardo. When confronting Kerry King with the information and suggesting changes in the handling with the bands economics, he was refused and threatened to lose his position as drummer. Later on he was notified that Jon Dette had taken his place for the tour.

Where this conflict is going no one knows. One thing is sure though, Kerry King is known for not being a softy and Dave Lombardo have had no problems in leaving Slayer before.

The replacement Jon Dette is a musician known for previously playing with Slayer, Testament, Heathen and Anthrax. Check him out in this video playing Angel of Death.

/Christoffer Bertzell


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