Death Wolf – II: Black Armoured Death [3.5]


Put together a moshpit. Throw in Danzig and Satyr in each of the corners. Spice it up with a shot of punk hardcore. There lies Death Wolf.
What I hear is a dirty punk story with black metal signatures. Like a grinding darkness in a rock n roll-attire, it touches just enough of the slippery bluesy vocals and snorting roars. The palpable and close dryness in the production sets a live sensation which delivers dense audio punches.
Just as significant the punk frame is limiting, Death Wolf manages to use their chosen ingredients quite well. The evil in Noche De Brujas, the melancholy in Lord of Putrefaction, the d-beats in Black Armoured Death and the catchiness in Snake Mountain, are simple but yet heavy.
Sometimes I find the somewhat limited musical expression pressuring me, but Death Wolf calms my senses with their distinctness.

Released – 18.02.2013
Century Media

/Christoffer Bertzell

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