Skineater – Darmal Harvest [3.0]

Dermal Harvest Cover

My first thought about Skineater‘s debut album Dermal Harvest was intriguing. Occurring to the fact that the band members has a long past as musicians, like a prestige previous part in Dark Funeral and Carnal Forge. In fact the sound has its ground in the swedish death metal genre. But after listening to all the tracks I felt quite a bitter-taste and the album was not fully what I high expected. I can’t seem to find the sensation and concrete theme in the album. It’s filled with great power of violence and aggressiveness, but what I miss is the dynamics between the tracks. Skineater lift the tradition of swedish death metal very well, especially in Dead Thousand Faces and He Was Murdered in which like most of the album the melody is very balanced. They play tight and with precision. The album is rough, heavy and even brutal, but it’s more focused in quantity than quality. The music doesn’t stand out, making this album just another good death metal piece pleasant to listen to. Reminding myself of my first intriguing thought, I’d had prefered more originality from Skineater.
Well, If you are into music such Deicide or Dismember, you should get to listen to this!

Released – 18.02.2013
Pulverised Records

/Viktoria Colonna


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