Enshadowed – Magic Chaos Psychedelia [3.0]

Magic Chaos Psychedelia Cover

What is most surprising about the comeback of Enshadowed are the ten years between this new album Magic Chaos Psychedelia and the previous one Intensity, a period in which the group has only producted and recorded EPs and not getting further enough to a more complex work. Between the sounds I can hunch some Behemoth inspiration. A more subtile black/death metal with more ambitions, better arrangements done through the years. Through the listening, the music still don’t strike much, although there is a great improvement in the structure of the tracks and production than before. The In Dual hypostasis Of Nihil you can hear that this time the band has prepared tracks which stay also great alone. Surprising to see the title track at the end. It makes the album a warm-up towards a goal. Pulverised Records did the right thing to bet on Enshadowed. I look forward to see their future development once more!

Released – 18.02.13
Pulverised Records

/Viktoria Colonna

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