Cryptopsy – The Best of us Bleed [3.5]

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For me Cryptopsy is one of those long time hard-working death metal bands that earns the same icon recognition as Vader, Morbid Angel and Obituary. Being a more technical death metal band, they aren’t exactly as “mainstreamed” (if that even is possible to say in this context) as their mentioned relatives and they haven’t either got the same status. Though this compilation is without a doubt a statement that the Canadians are worthy ambassadors of world-class extreme metal. It’s a snack feast for the followers and a perfect date for the newly infatuated.
What I like about this compilation is the structure of the tracks. It’s very straight forward and works through the whole discography. From track 1, with the current line-up to the early days, we are taken on a trip that shows this bands development backwards in time. Not only is it evident how the vocalists have affected the sound but also the bands overall desire to evolve (which haven’t always been rather appreciated). Thankfully the band have chosen not to include any of the deathcore-ish clean vocal-tracks of Matt McGachy from “The Unspoken King“. Instead we can exclusively enjoy his and Lord Worms amazing growl techniques.
The extras of this album consists of live tracks from different shows and some rehearsal recordings that add a nice bootleg-feeling. The cover of Strapping Young LadsOh my fucking god” is something that I probably would be better off without but it’s a fun effort at least.

Released – 12.11.2012
Century Media

/ Christoffer Bertzell

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