Adam Laszlo [Sophicide]

Founded in 2009 Sophicide started as a one-man-project by 19-year-old musician Adam Laszlo, dedicated to creating brutal and technical, yet melodic and elaborate death metal. And so he did. With the new album Predition Of The Sublime (Released 20/8-12 by Hammerheart Records) he and Sebastian Bracht has accomplished his goal!

Hi Adam, how do you do?
Hi! I’m doing great, thanks! I’ve been pretty busy these days, but I can’t complain, things are going well.

You started Sophicide when you just was 19 years old, how did it happened?
I just wanted a creative outlet for my death metal-ish ideas. At that time I didn’t want to start a whole new band for that, it was simply more convenient to do this as my little solo project. I didn’t really expect things to develop so quickly and now there’s definitely a professional ambition behind it.

Which are your most inspiring influences?
Actually there are a whole lot, but if I had to name a few, I would say Opeth, The Faceless, Necrophagist, Guthrie Govan, Steve Vai and a lot more.

How would you describe your new album Perdition of The Sublime?
I’d say it’s harsh and fierce, yet melodic and pensive at times. Lyrical wise it deals with topics that bother me, like religion and the displacement of reason in favor of ignorance. There are a lot of things going wrong that people don’t know and don’t care about and I think this is worrying.

When I listened to it I felt this well-planned chaos, is it something you had in mind before writing the songs?
No, actually not. It’s just the way things developed. Frankly, I don’t even perceive the songs as particularly chaotic, but I kinda get that a lot, so there must be something to it, haha :)

Do you have any other projects beside Sophicide?
Yes, I do. I play in a band called “Buffet Of Fate”, it’s rather melodic and catchy though. Also I’m involved in a grind project called “Ishitrobots”, which is pretty insane and chaotic I think.

What is for your best advice for an apprentice guitarist out there?
Be passionate about what you’re doing, set your priorities and don’t let yourself be discouraged. If you’re loving it and it’s fun, it’s probably the right thing to do.

What is the nearest plans for the band now?
Firstly, we’re working on completing our lineup and after this is done we want to hit the stages and play a lot of shows. If everything goes as planned we can go live 2013!

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