Zombified – Carnage Slaughter And Death [4.0]

This is rough,violent and extreme. Such big adjectives for a death metal band from such a little town as Västervik (Småland, Sweden).  Zombified amplifies the album with high rate rhythms of impressive drumming by Fiebig. (Though he left the band after the recordings leaving the place to Johansson). Through this assault of aggression you don’t have time to take a breath between. It’s not only the music that is tough, but Karlsson makes it brutal with his dark theatrical growl. In Withering Souls and Suffering Ascends two voices take shape and growl together, light and dark, doing it awesome as if it’s unique. The balance between a moderate tempo to fast blasts is well produced and it’s admirable how the groove keeps straight going untouched while the dynamical changes. Powerful tracks never stops in energy and style, giving the listener a fusion of truly traditional swedish early death metal like Grave  but even some reflections of Napalm Death and Morbid Angel.  Much credit must go to the production which is clean, modern, and clear making this ensemble of chaos in order. We are in the presence of a real massacre sound ripping your ears, my compliments to those guys that made a great album this year! Advised to the extreme metal listener!

Note: The great cover artwork and booklet layout was done by Costin Chioreanu, who already worked for bands like Demonical, Grave, Primordial)

Release – 16.11.2012
Cyclone Empire

/Viktoria Colonna

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