Soleil Moon – On The Way To Everything [3.0]

Frontiers Records is especially known for their AOR music releases and this album is framed of the genre. Soft west-coast rock characterizes most of the tracks but Larry King gives the album more than that, giving each track an influence of different sounds. In the ballad Love The Way You Love  you can hear smooth modern-country music, On The Way to Everything, even small jazz melodies meet funk, (I can assume that Jazz musician John Blasucci contributes here). It will surprise you even to find a Beatles cover of Blackbird, which is very good in a kept it simple.
Though sometimes I would like to hear more strength from King, some tracks need more dynamics in the voice. For example in the very beautiful track Goodnight Irene, just piano and vocals, you can really hear the real emotional and great voice of his. If I should choose one thing to change in this production is the female back vocals. They are thin and actually don’t sound good together with the overall. Fortunately there are barely there.
This album is both made with caution, maintaining a traditional tonality but even with some experimental thoughts between. Burn is a very example of it, where instrumental progressive rock riffs meets 80’s guitars solos in a funky fusion.
I must say that some of the tracks are quite anonymous making them not standing out in originality. The first and third bonus tracks are symphonic and grandiose, (Ohio, I’d Die For You) King sings lovely, so is the music. It would have changed my score, hearing more of it. If you like Richard Marx an Mike Spiro, this is the album for you!

Release – 02.11.2012
Frontiers Records

/Viktoria Colonna

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