Jimi Jamison – Never Too Late [4.0]

Jimi Jamison - Never Too Late

This is a record that’s just a force of positivism. With an easy-going feeling of the 70:s, it is packaged in a modern rock production. It contains that kind of rock music that could just as well be featured in a musical such as Rock of Ages. It simply reeks of Journey, Survivor and Foreigner!
The strong and soulful voice of Jimi Jamison, that is strongly associated with Rocky and Baywatchstill possess a capacity few other singers can master. Besides having a slightly fuller voice and some stylish rasp, he still sings with the same majestic tone that we know him by. Much of the material on this album match quality with what Survivor performed in the mid 80:s. The great difference is how this album is more distinct in its guitar work and lacks those traditional pop synths. Instead you can hear some electric organ in between the riffs, most evident in the fast Street Survivor and majestic ballad  Heaven Call Your Name, which puts a certain degree of Jon Lord into this production.
You can tell that Frontiers melody maker Erik Mårtensson (Eclipse & W.E.T.) has been present as a producer and songwriter. With such a voice that Jimi carries, you really need someone who both understands the vocal work and at the same time the overall song. Erik is definitely such a guy. But as a lot of melodic rock albums, the tracks can get somewhat bland as the songs move away from the evident singles, which is the case with Calling the Game and Bullet in the Gun.
If you decide to get this album, which I truly recommend you to do, make sure to check out the quite obvious flirt with Giants hit I’ll see you in my dreams in the chorus of Heaven Call Your Name.

Release – 02.11.2012

/Christoffer Bertzell

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