Gloria Morti – Lateral Constraint [4.0]

The finnish Gloria Morti release this time a more rough, brutal and aggressive album than before, though keeping the music filled with melodies, crashing boundaries between death and black metal. Groovy ritual rhythms accompany Psycho‘s vocals which are tangled with a deep and dark energy level. But I’d like to hear even more intensity from him, maybe just some screams of desperation is needed time to time. Already from the first track Lex Parsimoniaethese musicians just start to accelerate through the tracks forward with tighter drums and intense guitar riffs. Most of all I am impressed of the interaction between the drummer and the guitarists, like in Aesthetics Of Self-Hyperbole when this teamwork sounds almost like a direct duet. The tunes of Nile comes in making an entrance of the milder intro-piece of Sleep, Kill, Regress, Follow. Here and there through this album you can pick up some recognizing with oriental-inspired death metal.
If you like Behemoth, Dissection, and Immolation this album is made just for you.

Release – 02.11.2012
Cyclone Empire

/Viktoria Colonna


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