Rick Springfield – Songs For The End Of The World [4.5]

Uplifting and joyful music in major scale versus sad lyrics and grey atmosphere. This is what you meet listening to Songs For The End Of The World , by the veteran AOR  musician Rick Springfield. He’s tough, cool and determined through the album with rough tracks like I Hate Myself and Our Ship’s Sinking. Songs with classic pop/rock riffs and sing-a-long choruses. Of course this album contains even the must-be-there love ballads in all the soft rock perfection and dynamical passages of dirty voice to soft falsetto. Amazing how he can sound even more younger than before, transmitting energy from track to track with choruses that are easy to remember only after two plays. The music is flawless and not at all repetitive though the sound in the total work is coherent.
Beside smoother tracks he takes aggression up to another level within the AOR music like in the track My Last Heartbeat which is based on heavy guitar riffs. Springfield continues his sound’s journey from the 80’s until today  without disappointments, giving the listener even more of what expected: An album to classify as one of his best.

Release – 02.11.2012
Frontiers Records

/Viktoria Colonna

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