Arms of Tripoli – All The Fallen Embers [4.0]

This debut work of the LA band Arms of Tripoli takes you in the instrumental post-rock music world in all its fragrance. All The Fallen Embers is an EP that includes all the characteristics of this genre: simple but elaborated repetitive melodies and rhythms with a total clear and fresh sound. Though they put even some experimental progressive material and shiftings through the tracks which give the album a better complex quality. In the second song City Speak you can really listen to the dynamical changes and different scale patters, but entirely harmonious together. Sectioned By Brooks and the main title track All the fallen Embers are a specific example of what this album is about for my ears. Dreamy music of urban environments which fades back to the 70’s in a very soft way and with a memory-pinch of Pink Floyd.

Release – 19.10.2012
Fluttery Records

/Viktoria Colonna

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