Sybreed – God Is An Automaton [3.5]

God Is An Automaton is the title of the fourth full-length album of the quartet from Switzerland. It continues where the previous The Pulse Of Awakening had left us: a cyber-industrial progressive sound made ​​of dotted rhythms and electronic verses sung in a continuous alternation between screaming and airy choruses. New ideas give originality from the previous album, like the lyrics and texts this time are decidedly more in focus, giving a rise to the music like in the opening-track Posthuman Manifesto, the rhythmic The Line of Least Resistance and the smooth title track which will satisfy fans of hungry groove cybernetic wrapped black-electronic sound. Though there are still a couple of flaws to prevent the final leap, like a track list of great duration is quite difficult to maintain the patience to listen to, and a production less elaborate than the previous works. This album remains a solid disk, recommended to the fans of Fear Factory and Mnemic.

Release – 24.09.12
Listenable Records

/Viktoria Colonna

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