Evocation – Illusions Of Grandeur [3.0]

The first thought about this album is about the cover. How it reminds me of ritual influenced bands like Nile or Behemoth, the titles of the disc are evil and dark maintaining the traditional swedish death metal sound but this time in a more melodic and groovy way. The music is more controlled and it may appear that Evocation has been influenced by their tour companions Amon Amarth. In fact Johan Hegg sings in the track Into Submission, so my opinion of their inspiration into this album increases.
I must say though that I’m not so impressed by Evocation’s fourth album. The personality and feeling of the band seems to fade away through the tracks. Maybe because they are trying too hard to break the boundaries and instead they lay back playing on safe ground. This strict style of songs make the listening quite repetitive and reminds itself of many death metal bands especially At The Gates. The previous works were much more “alive”. The album is of course balanced and produced greatly. They are great representatives of the old swedish death metal scene. But I was hoping to hear more soul and new inflictions in Illusions Of Grandeur.

Release – 26.09.12
Century Media

/Viktoria Colonna

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