Chris Sanders [Knight Fury]

Chris Sanders is a great American guitarist and songwriter. He became known amongst Rock and Metal fans all over the world for playing numerous headlining tours in North America and Europe, and playing some of the most notable Festivals on the circuit; Sweden Rock Festival (Sweden) Bang Your Head (Germany) Keep it True (Germany) Kobeta Sonik (Spain) Rocklahoma (USA).
Sanders is also known as the lead guitarist for the heavy-metal band Lizzy Borden 2007-2010 and work with Nadir D’Priest of the 80’s rock band London. Sanders toured on their U.S./Europe tours which included billings at some of the largest rock & heavy-metal music festivals!
Knight Fury was actually created by Chris. This latest production of his brought together vocalist William King, bassist David Ellefson (Megadeth) and drummer Ken Mary, (Alice Cooper, Impelliteri, Fifth Angel) and keyboardist Adam Emmons to record and deliver the sound of what Knight Fury is.

Hi Chris, How has your summer been?
Hello Viktoria! It was great until a week ago and I have had the flu ever since.  I am trying to get feeling better. I started back in the studio again today. Some really amazing things are being created musically.

You are the founder of Knight Fury, how did it all started? How did you all meet?
I started writing all this music in 2010. I was playing with another band at the time. What I was writing was much more true to metal and what I believed. It was time to create my own project. I spent many hours writing all the material and getting it just write.  The pre-production process in itself. I had original been  looking everywhere for the right singer. I had been considering Michael Oliveri from Leather Wolf at the time. He is a great singer. He was doing his MOB band at the time and we just couldn’t get things to line up just right. Sometimes things just work out just right for what they were meant for. I got a call later that week from a DJ he in Arizona that he knew of an amazing singer named William King. I heard his voice on another CD and said that’s the perfect guy. Did a great job on the album. Ken Mary (Alice Cooper) and David Ellefson (Megadeth) were the perfect addition to the Knight Fury sound. We had worked together on an album previously from Northern Light Orchestra.

This year Knight Fury has just released the new album Time To Rock, and you produced it all by yourself?
That is correct. I wrote and arranged all the music. The hardest part was I had to be there for the entire phase of recording, mixing and every thing was left to me.  I gave the orders. I knew what I wanted and I knew how to achieve what I wanted. I got a damn good album with top-notch players on it.

How can you especially describe the sound of Knight Fury?
Knight Fury is a versatile sound which seems to fit seamlessly between hard rock and Power metal. It is the perfect representation of who we are as musicians. You can expect a similar sound on the next album we are currently working on.

Do you have other projects right now which you play with or produce?
Knight Fury is my home. I will continue to record Knight Fury albums. I stand behind the music and it is exactly where I want to be.

How did you got interested in music?
Music just happened for me. I don’t know why. I suppose because I came from a musical family, not that they were really very good or anything but they were all musicians. I suppose I needed to skip out of certain classes in school so in 5th grade I began playing the trumpet. That really taught me the basics of rhythm and note reading. From this I played with symphony’s and orchestras. I was able to hear the entire sound of the group was made of. I now write guitar music as such…..I hear the score, I write same as if I was writing for an orchestra. All the parts different passages and Melody’s intertwining. At 13 I bought my first guitar. I still study 8 hours a day now. I am much more focused on song writing now. Look for some amazing stuff on the next record.

Beside the guitar what other instruments do you play?
I no longer play any other instruments. But if I picked up a trumpet today, even after many years I still know the fingerings for all the scales in every key…

If you have to choose, which guitarist do you admire the most?
As players I look to greats such as Randy Rhoads….Tony MacAlpine and Chris Impelliteri will always be amongst my favorites who I listen to often.

Do you work entirely as a musician or do you work with something else too?
For the past several years Music has been my sole source of income. It is an honor to do something you truly love and can live on it.  There are so many great musicians out there I wish them all well and much success to do the same.

And finally do you have plans of touring outside US?
Asia and Europe are our best markets. We are excited for the European release of the “Time to Rock” album from Pure Steel Records.  We look forward to charting the waters and bringing Knight Fury across to other shores!

/Viktoria Colonna

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