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Italian Black Metal band Stormcrow released this year the full-length album Disposition To Tyranny after 6 years since their last work. Their new album has received great reviews, and they were even chosen in the Terrorizer’s Fear Candy album. I have gladly interviewed Zedar (Bass guitar) this summer!

I must say that I’m impressed to discover a Black Metal band from Italy, it’s not a so common genre there right?
Yes, as you say it’s not a very common genre as it may be in northern Europe but yet here are many worthy bands playing this kind of extreme metal. The real problem is that since they are not from the historical places of birth of the genre they suffer the prejudice to be considered not even worthy of a listen.
Maybe it’s also because we are from the land of the sun that people can’t think of us as “true” bearer of dark feelings forgetting that our country is undoubtedly the most afflicted by the plague called Christianity (one of the main cause of black metal birth!).

Is it difficult to evolve your music in Italy? How does the metal scene looks there?
For us, the evolution of our music – as of ourselves – is something strictly personal, so its difficulty isn’t too bind to the place of living. Surely there are factors that influence it that are tied to our land and the Italian metal scene surely doesn’t help spreading extreme music: “underground” live shows organized in our country are too often snubbed by fans and it’s not rare to see empty places in front of you while playing.

As I scroll different pages and sites, Stormcrow is described as Alpine Black Metal, what are the characteristics of this genre of music that are reflected in your sound?
Well, you can say that the “Alpine” part is not something you can technically figure out of our music or explain in words. If our music sinks deep in your soul you are able to feel the love for mountains and mountain environment that inspires us in every single Stormcrow’s composition. It’s a way of life that we turn, more or less involuntarily, into our music.

Before your new album Disposition To Tyranny, the last project was Wounded Skies in year 2006, how come it took so long between the projects?
Yes, it took us a lot of time to release Disposition to Tyranny after Wounded Skies because we had to face some line-up changes but didn’t want to push things too fast just to complete a formation that, in the end, didn’t satisfy us completely.
We preferred to wait for the right band members we missed and now, finally, we have the close-knit line-up we wanted. I can assure you that it won’t take that long to release the next Stormcrow album.

Your new album is written with many  nature metaphors , do you have a specific message in the songs? Or a specific theme?
As said before, we have a strong attachment to mountains. Physically and metaphorically, mountain is the environment best suited for our personal evolution. It’s the place where the idea of ascension is taken to the limit: when you walk and climb up to the peaks you can feel everyone of your limits enhance. Willpower, stamina, fear control, resistance to physical and mental pain are taken to spot you can’t know while living in your usual safe and comfortable environment.
All of our message is enclosed in the research that everyone have to do to take over his actual self and develop a new, evolved, self. We’d like that our music shall spur our listener to search for its personal way of ascension and to make this we use metaphors taken from nature and physical world, philosophy and literature.

In the track In Medium Lupis form the new album the lyrics are in Latin, does any in the band know latin?
No, none of us have a so deep knowledge of Latin to write a full text. The lyrics of In Mediis Lupis was originally written in Italian. After its drawing up we thought that its ideas shall be better expressed in this ancient language so we asked a friend of us to translate it.

Especially the track Steel Bleeding is inspired by the philosopher Nietzsche, which of his ideas influence most of your lyrics?
Nietzsche is surely one of the philosopher that mainly influenced our view and our music. The album title itself, Disposition to Tyranny, is strongly tied to his ideas, particularly to the need of everyone – and, by extension, of everything – to understand and find its proper place in the universe shaping its own path by the means of Willpower.
We also try to expand the concept of surpassing the common meanings of “good” and “evil”, the full comprehension of this will lead to an extra-moral age where religions of any kind are no more needed.

Are there any particular reasons why you chose the crow as a symbol?
Corvus Corax is, without doubt, one of the living symbol of the mountain peaks. It lives in the highest spots you can find on our Alps, an environment where very few animals – and even less humans – dare to live; nevertheless its will and intelligence shaped its form – physical and instinctual – to perfectly survive there.
Have you ever asked yourself why there are not so many eagle as crows? Crows, during centuries, forged themselves to be suited for highness

What music do you like beside Black Metal, for example what is the last CD you listened to?
If you figure us out to be the “usual” black metal fan that listen just to extreme music you are totally out of the way. Everyone of us likes so many different kind of music that will be too long to explain here.
Personally, other than black metal, I listen a lot of what was once called “grunge” and something of what derived from it that now is called “alternative rock” as A Perfect Circle or Staind. More than this also quite a lot of electronic enters my musical diet.
Lately I’m consuming the last release from Baroness “Yelllow and Green” and “Harakiri” from Serj Tankian. I also like Fear Factory’s “The Industrialist”.

What will Stormcrow do in the nearest future?
More or less what we always do: performing our music live as much as we can and creating new music to perform.
Actually we are preparing for a big show as supporter of Arch Enemy in October 2012 here in Italy then we plan to start again to arrange the songs we already composed for the new release and maybe adding a couple more before entering the recording studio.

Read more about Stormcrow HERE .

/Viktoria Colonna

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