HELL:ON – Age of Oblivion [3.5]

is a fully competent quintet in the department of modern death/thrash metal with a hint of classic metal melodies and the breakdown intensity of hardcore.
The musical workmanship is impressive and you hear references from Pantera to Hatebreed and Sepultura. The death metal drumming is insane and even though their riffage is enjoyable it sometimes gets a bit generic, that goes as well for the vocals which can, from time to time, seem monotone but A.Baev (vocals) mediates confidence and strength through the tracks. The rhythm never slows down, the aggressiveness stays stable within the entire album and provides the sound with a continuous cool groove. If these guys keep evolving I’m sure they will be worthy contender to the likes as Chimaira and Shadows Fall.

Release – 03.09.12
Total Metal Records / MSR Productions

/Viktoria Colonna

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