Grave – Endless Procession Of Souls [4.0]

You can still hear the traditional Death Metal sound of the legendary Grave in Endless Procession Of Souls. The phantom-like very short intro is amusing, when you actually are waiting for the track to start. The growl technique is lucid, Ola Lindgren (vocals) articulates well so the lyrics are understandable. In the track Disembodied Steps you can surely remark the speed, tightness and the impressive skills of Ronnie Bergerstål (drums). Most of the tracks in this album contains refrains which easily stick but still retains the complex within.
Grave goes by the concept to rather be safe than sorry. Why change a fully working recipe? Sure the music does stand a risk of getting streamlined in term of traditional riffing but Grave does have an evil edge to themselves that their long-lost colleagues Entombed and Dismember kind of lacked. The song structures follow arrangements that are quite predictable but then again, it is a part of the charm with this type of death metal. The raw energy that is performed takes use of simple elements such as half-tempo shifts that build up to a climax where you just long after that force of a fast two-beat drum pattern.
The verses are mainly focused on being raw and fast, it is the choruses that have the grooves. When you’ve headbanged yourself through a couple of songs you always find that safe haven where Ola Lindgren spits out carefully chosen blasphemy that even can be described as catchy.
The whole production is very professional and well done in its nostalgic mix. The guitar tone on this album is one of the dirtiest I have heard that still manages to come out clear. It brings you back to the days of Sunlight but with an overall refreshment. Like it was 1993 again and vinyl wasn’t that exotic.

Release –  27.08.12
Century Media

/Viktoria Colonna

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