Sophicide – Predition Of The Sublime [4.5]

As soon as the first track The Art Of Atrocity starts you are right into the middle of a fast wave of guitar scales increasing into a technical sea of death metal, with the very dark and law growling voice of Adam Laszlo surrounded of psychedelic flying riffs. The guitars continue in this album to be dynamical, making black metal melodies within a fast and raw almost thrash metal rhythm. The guitars make the foundation of the sound through the tracks. If I had to choose one word to describe this album It would be “chaos”. The music is a systematic and well-planned composition of chaos. The drums in the main track Predition Of The Sublime are very peculiar. The pace goes in an extreme speed and then slows down to a half rate when suddenly restarts to continue in ecstasy. You really don’t know at all how to headbang this. It’s especially this constant changing of rhythm that I like the most in this album. Sophicide gives the listener surprises through the songs creating a list of tracks unsimilar from each other but keeping the characteristics within. The acoustic guitars duo intro of Of Lust And Vengeance is one of those surprises I mentioned before with exciting tunes which prepares the song for a heavy passage that takes you in a more confident progressive sound. The guitars play parallel to each other for nearly the entire disc switching between metallic and harmonious melodies. Sophicide finds even a deeper feeling in Folie Á Deux, the most short and melodic instrumental track in this album. Classical guitars flowing together almost with a soft spanish influence. Sophicide experiments and shows us a very elaborated technique which is just astounding.

Release – 20.08.12
Hammerheart Records

/Viktoria Colonna


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