Colin Davis [Vile]

It’s Colin Davis who is the founder and lead guitarist of the american death metal band Vile. They toured the United States and Europe several times since their inception in 1996 including with Cannibal Corpse in 2004. Colin is actually now the only original member in the line-up but today he and the lead singer Mike Hrubocvak have found a strong stability together. Earlier this year, they just released in Europe their new album Metamorphosis with Hammerheart Records and soon they will hit the roads for an European tour. I’ve got the chance to ask him a couple of questions!

How are you today?
I am great!  I am just quite busy preparing for the European tour.

It has passed 6 years since your last release,(The New Age Of Chaos) what did you do under that time beside music?
Well, I have a business canned Imperial Mastering where I do CD mastering for metal bands and I also have a small business where I do legal research for people who are in foreclosure, losing their homes.

What characterizes VILE’s sound, and how has it developed through those years?
It started as a sound similar to other Florida death metal bands in the late 90’s but I always wanted the band to have a lot of groove and not just play fast because we can.  The band was influenced by Morbid Angel and bands like this originally and then more recently, bands like Dimmu Borgir and other black metal bands have influenced the sound.

You released this year the album Metamorphosis, what can you tell us about it? 
Well, it’s still the Vile sound with melodic and groovy riffs but each song has a different style, a different tempo and feel.  Its more diverse of an album and wont get your tired.  I wanted people to be able to listen to it many times and still enjoy it.  Also the lyrics are more meaningful and are about more mature subjects than just death and destruction.

Now with a new line up does it feel like a new start? 
Its been like this since 2006.  We have had a lot of band member changes for each tour.  Our second singer, Mike Hrubovcak is a steady member and myself of course but we have had some changes depending on the tour.  I think this may be common in the future.  Me and Mike will be steady, but you might see some different members for each tour.

I guess that J. J. Hrubocvak and Mike Hrubocvak are related with each other, How did you met them?
Yes, they are brothers.  Mike now plays in Monstrosity also and J.J. now plays in Hate Eternal.  They were fans of the band for years and when I was looking for touring musicians after our third album New Age of Chaos was released, they got involved.  They are both really excellent musicians.

You will be touring in Europe soon, and last time was it 6 year ago! How does it feel?
It’s hard for me to make any judgments.  The business and the scene has changed since that time, so I am just looking forward to it and I am sure I will learn a lot about the current scene when we get there!  I think we will return in the spring of 2013 as well.

How would you describe yourself in just three words?
Curious, conscientious, alive.

/Viktoria Colonna



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