Mario (Prophecy 23) – Leaves the band

Mario (Prophecy 23) has just posted a statement on the band’s fb page that he’s going to leave the band this summer.

Here’s his statement:

Hey dudes and dudettes,
unfortunately I have to announce that I will leave The Prophecy 23 this summer. This was a hard decision, but because of a move to another city it won’t be possible for me to support the band in the right way.
I want to thank all our fans, friends, roadies, merch-girls and party-dudes for the last several months. I would particular like to thank Hannes, Flo, Dennis, Phil and the whole Prophecy-Family. My last gig with The Prophecy 23 will be on the Römersee Festival (August, 17th). It would be awesome to celebrate my last show with you guys. Keep it green!”

The band regrets Mario’s decision and comments:
The times on tour, in the studio and during the partyin’ won’t be forgotten and he will always be a member of the Prophecy-Family. The band says: All the best for your journey through the galaxy – to infinity and beyond!

/Viktoria Colonna

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