Zonaria – Arrival Of The Red Sun [4.0]

With a well-organized production by a clear and vivid sound, almost equal to any of the last productions of Dimmu Borgir,  Zonaria recall the familiar path with a rough attitude that spreads on the same level along the entire album. The start is bright and rhythmic moving into a flow of melodic melodies, determined arrangements and lot of keyboards which make it impossible not to be remanded of norwegian modern black metal. I really like Gunpoint Salvation, one of the most powerful song. A pure melodic black metal track with many drawn parts. The music in this album contains scales easy to hold, as catchy choruses, traditional riffs and hyper melodic breaks. Zonaria captures the listener’s attention through a nostalgic 90’s swedish death metal wave of sound. Although many of the songs have a touch of later style like Children Of Bodom. Desert Storm and Silent Holocaust are   examples of it. The dark and melancholy mood which embraces the entire set list finds its climax in the last track My Face Justice where the singer also tries to make his tone of voice softer. There is a substance into Arrival Of The Red Sun that listeners of the Nordic-style melody, black or death metal, will certainly find very interesting.

Release – 23.07.12
Listenable Records

/Viktoria Colonna

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