Rival Sons – Keep On Swinging – Video details

Rival Sons
have finished shooting a brand new music video in Los Angeles, California.
The video for the track Keep On Swinging , which is the first single from the band’s highly anticipated new album, Head Down, was shot with director Greg Ephraim (The Smashing Pumpkins), who also filmed the band’s videos for “Pressure and Time” and “All Over the Road”.

The video is set in a southern-style church community, with the band performing in front of a captivated congregation, while a young woman is marched towards a river to be baptised.  “Keep On Swinging” is due to be released in late August.

“Churches, people feelin’ the spirit, and a handful of snakes!  That’s a little taste of the new video – the first from our new record, Head Down.  The song?  ‘Keep On Swinging’.  Directed by our buddy Greg Ephraim, who did ‘Pressure and Time’ and ‘All Over the Road’, this idea was an easy choice when we read his treatment.  A little bit of southern Baptist evangelical churchin’ spirit and a big dose of rock ‘n’ roll.  We actually had a bunch of people from the actual parish of the church we played in sitting in during the performance, and I think they were actually feeling the spirit!  It was pretty far out…  A really fun way to kick off the new album.  People fainting in the aisles, Jay as a possessed preacher and, well, you never can go wrong with the serpent making an appearance in a rock ‘n’ roll video.” –
Scott Holiday (guitar)

/Viktoria Colonna


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