SardoniS – A two-man Battalion

SardoniS is a two-man’s band, Jelle (drums) and Roel (guitars), from Belgium which plays instrumental dark metal.
”Roel and I were walking around with the idea of doing something nasty and heavy. We formed in the summer of 2006. Initiately, we started jamming as a two piece and wanted to add a bass player and a vocalist, but quickly it felt that this was enough. So we decided to continue as a two-man battalion.” – Jelle

Their first 7″EP got released in 2008 and was highly internationally acclaimed, followed by gigs with Grand Magus, Torche, Pelican,Voivod etc..

”People often tell us that we’re the instrumental “High on Fire” and we think that our music has many similarities with this three-piece. While the first album was more stonerdoom, the new one is more metal. A heavy thick storm.”- Jelle
SardoniS debut album was released in April 2010 by MeteorCity And this June they has released their second full album II by Hammerheart Records.
“The debut was a collection of songs that we had in those days that happened to be enough to fill an album. The new record was written as a piece and the songs rely more on each other. Each song tells something about the other and it’s a more coherent album then the debut. The first album has a more stoner vibe going on while the new one turned out to be more metal and straightforward. ” – Explained Jelle

Still, they are very content about keeping the band instrumental:
“It’s OK like this.We don’t miss an extra instrument or person in the band. It’s feels great with just the two of us and surplus it makes things a lot easier. If we ever decide to ask someone else, then that person needs to add more than just the instrument he or she plays. We want your soul and heart and you better throw in your guts, goddamned!” says Jelle.
It’s always interesting to know how the metal scene is developing in other countries:
In Belgium It’s good these days. People visit shows and support the local bands much more than a few years ago whereby they always worshipped the foreign touring bands. Heavy music is much more than the clichés that went on for years and bands like SardoniS, Amenra, Leng Tch’e, Aborted among others are getting praise in the local scene. Young bands coming up and young people show interest in these heavy genres. You feel that something is going on and it great to be in the middle of the storm.”

/Viktoria Colonna

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