Necrovation – Necrovation [3.5]

Necrovation writes a new chapter of its story, in part standing out, but obviously preserving traits of continuity with the past. This time the band has mixed equal parts of the previous sound with a more classic traditional heavy/thrash metal. What they did before was a diabolical mixture of thrash and death metal which has been even compared to Merciess and Morbid Angel. This character still stands into the tracks. The first impression is quite striking. The first track Necrovorus Insurrection assails us with a wave of electricity, however which flows out between the guitar’s solos. Those bring us back to a more traditional concept of metal, incorporating dynamic and a very epic atmosphere in each session. Through the journey of the different tracks, the music remains suspended between moments of great evil and darkness. I can’t prevent the reminding of early Metallica riffs in Towering Pulse Of Madness, while Resurrectionist embraces the world of doom. Necrovation takes one step further exploring the instrumental territory in the track The Transition. Though I can hear a vague sense of repetition through the album, it has so much more to give. It keeps the traditional way of death metal but succeeds to maintain a personal style.

Release – 26.06.12 (EU) 14.08.12 (US)
Agonia Records

/Viktoria Colonna

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