Repugnant – Hecatomb [4.0]

As soon as you start listen to Hecatomb you enter an atmosphere of terror with an intro that is like taken from a horror movie. What Repugnant do is a very traditional old school death metal which you really can recall from the first track From Beyond the Grave. The riffs are just turbulent and sharp as they should sound. The wha-wha guitars are interesting, at first you are like: What is that? but then it turns into an evil calling which fits like a glove. This brutal Scandinavian dark metal spreads an earthy feeling like you just opened an old wooden casket and it smells rotten flesh. As raw as it has to be. The songs are minimalistic and fast but contain concentrated doses of psychedelic melodies like in Morbid Ways and Rapturous Genocide. The Celtic Frost’s cover The Usurper is much warmer and deeper than the original, Goore sings with a much darker style and with a pinch of a soft but still hard aggression. The wah-wah guitars in this cover are more clear and strong than the original making the track quite rock’n’roll. The bonus track Outro brings out the mystery of a demonic laughter into the instrumental sound, finishing the EP with even more horror. This band has plenty of potential, and after those 6 years of silence let’s hope they have found the stability for making and releasing more old death metal into our modern times.

 was actually originally released as a 7 EP by To the Death Records in 1999, but will be re-released by Hammerheart records.

Release  13.08.12
Hammerheart Records

/Viktoria Colonna

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