Nachtmystium – Silencing Machine [5.0]

The beginning is somewhat misleading us into the black metal sound of Dawn Over The Ruin Of Jerusalem which track represents the traditional anger and purity of it. But this album progressively developes into a more experimental and industrial music that becomes more psychedelic for each track ahead. The anger changes into desperation and possessment in And I Control You, a high rhythm-doom with a mechanic gain on the voice. Entering the central part with The Lepers of Des the atmosphere is intimate which leaves space to Nachtmystium psychedelic adoration.The guitars are more flammable and the riffs a lot sharper than the albums before. With still a sensation of crudity the sound sparkles post-punk especially in Decimation Annih where Blake Judd (voice) sings with the structure of black metal putting a modern touch of metallic roughness within. Nachtmystium makes even a short jump into the traditional heavy metal riff scales in the middle of Give Me The Grave which really surprises you because it happens so sudden, but fits naturally. These Rooms In Which We Weep is the last song of the album, which is a slower track mainly doom slashing into a broken falling machine.
This album satisfies you in many ways by its journey of different sounds. An increasing experiment that makes every track diverse from one other. Nachtmystium manage to explore and break the boundaries of various music genres but still remains focused on what makes their character unique and profound.

Release – 30.07.12
Century Media

/Viktoria Colonna

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