Always War – Hardcore Metal Within

Always war is a hardcore/metal band from Uppsala (Sweden), It sounds as much cross-over/trash metal as hardcore metal, influenced by bands like Terror, Madball, Agnostic Front, Slayer, Kreator.
Getaway Rock Festival is so far the biggest event where Always War has performed on. Later this summer they will play at one hardcore festival in Germany. There will just be hardcore bands so it’s really the right place for Always War.


Lee – guitar

EB – drums

Ronnie – vocals

Francisco – bass

Marco – guitar




I met Ronnie Nyman  and Francisco Escalona at Getaway Rock Festival, we sat just outside the festival area on the grass and chilled, they would play later that day!

It all started 2007, as a side project aside my former band Enemy Is Us. Back then I also played in another hardcore band The 21st Impact that I left soon that year. I didn’t have the same passion and will to still play in it. Because I just sang in Enemy is Us, which is more metal, I really missed the hardcore so I started Always War just as a side project from the beginning” – Ronnie explained – “There was this guy, Linkan, who shared the same music taste as mine, so we started playing together. But because of personal reasons he didn’t have the time for it. We just did one demo, one concert at Anchor in Stockholm, so we paused the project. We tried to restart it but he still didn’t have time.”
Ronnie took a small pause, looked up in his mind and continued:
I really wanted to move forward with this project , and it was year 2010 when me and EB, (drums) decided to revive Always War. I put down Enemy Is Us and I wanted to focus just on this project. So we started searching for members, and especially the first year has been a full-time rotation of members until today that the band is really serious and compact” – Ronnie confirmed. “To find the right members is important, you don’t just play together, you hang out and become a family, though of course the new members have to be really good musicians, it’s important the relationship you have with them”.

One of the new-found members of Always War is the bass player Francisco:
I joined Always War last year in May” – Francisco said .”I’m actually from Venezuela but I have lived in Uppsala for 11 years now, I really like it here, it’s a really cozy town. I met Ronnie when I entered the store where he worked cause I had to buy something, we started to hang out and he asked me if I wanted to play the guitar, but I didn’t want to, being a bass player and all. Later they asked me if I wanted to play with them in some gigs, and even if very nervous I said yes and here I am! – Franco gladly said.

Hard Rock music is not so big in Uppsala, most likely it’s pop and indie music the most frequent “It’s kinda frustrating” – affirmed Ronnie. “The metal scene is really small here even if there are many hard rockers. It’s quite tragical, I have worked in a music store for 13 years, and I’ve seen great talented kids, and so many great bands, but they don’t have the chance and place to play here.”
But it looks like that it’s getting better and better for Always War:
We have just recorded a new album, actually it should have been already released by now, but the song is not finished because I’m still working on some lyrics, and we didn’t have so much time. We added a new member Lee, first time that he is playing with us today! Hehe! So the album will be released pretty soon! We will go on tour in Mexico in November, so that is what we most look forward to!”

/Viktoria Colonna

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