Nachtmystium – the making of Silencing Machine Part 3

Here below you can watch third video of the making of the album Silencing Machine by Nachtmystium which will be released July 30 by Century Media Records.

The frontman/lead guitarist Blacke Judd said – “Thinking back to when we signed to Century Media and decided to do those metal records, I wanted to do two really weird records and then go back to what we’ve been doing. This was in 2007 and it just so happened that my thought process stayed with me for many years. I missed the live energy of the more aggressive stuff. The last two records weren’t really that aggressive and they were definitely a step away from that raw black metal foundation we started with.”
“I wanted to bring it back for some personal reasons: I like it live a lot and I think it has some great energy. And I really didn’t know where to go next with that whole adventuring process we did on those last two records. It’s just not what we wanted to do for this record; we wanted to capture what we sound like live in the studio. On this record, there’s never more going on in a song than we’re capable of recreating live, which is a really big thing for us, because there’s so much on those last two records that we can’t play without having a number of extra musicians onstage at any given time”

Part 3

/Viktoria Colonna

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