Lamb Of God – Randy Blythe “Bail Is Being Challenged”

The Gauntlet has just learned from their sources in the Czech Republic that the prosecutor has challenged Randy Blythe’s newly paid bail of $400,000 USD. Following the presentation of the court documents yesterday to the Prague Municipal Court accepting Blythe’s bail, the prosecutor issued a challenge today.

What happens now is that on Friday (July 27, 2012), the prosecutor will submit to the judge a reason for the bail denial. At that point, the judge has five days to rule, and another five days for it to be written or published to the court. The judges ruling at this point will be final and unless charges are formally filed, Randy will be free to leave the Czech Republic without condition on bail.

Randy Blythe has been detained in a Prague jail following the death of a fan over two years ago at a Lamb of God concert. Randy Blythe is being held on manslaughter in relation to the fans death.

/Viktoria Colonna via The Guantlet.

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