Gus G [Firewind]

Gus G, beside being the leader guitarist and founder of the well-known heavy metal band Firewind (Greece), he’s also Ozzy Osbourne’s guitarist! Firewind released earlier this spring the new album Few Against Many with the single Wall Of Sound which just got a Gold Award in Sweden!

Hi Gus, where are you now?
I’m back home, in Thessaloniki.

How is Greece keepin’ it up? Thinking about the crises, how does it influence the music scene? 
I still live in Greece although I spend a lot of time in the US as well these days. Things are tough in Greece these days and it has influenced the music scene for sure. Record sales are down, ticket sales are down, people are hesitant to spend their money more than ever before.

What can you tell us about the new album “Few Against Many”? How is it different from your previous albums?
This is definitely the heaviest Firewind album of all. There’s a lot of riffs and a lot of guitar in general. We tried out different arrangements, didn’t hold back on solos and the production is different too. We mixed it in the US with Jason Suecof & Eyal Levi at Audiohammer studios. The production is super tight and modern and also gave us that heaviness we wanted.

You actually sing in “Wall of Sound”?
Just on the first verse I double Apollo on a couple of lines with some death vocals haha!

Often, that is you who make the music and Apollo who writes the lyrics, do you sit together and compose or you do each part of your own?
Usually I’ll make the demo and send the recording to Apollo. He will then record his vocal ideas and send it back. Then we go back and forth adjusting the song ideas and that’s how we compose more or less.

Firewind will play in Asia this Summer, (China and Taiwan) Have you played in Asia before, if so, how is it different from playing in Europe?
We’ve been to Japan 4 times with Firewind and once in Taiwan. It’s going to be our first time in China and we’re really looking forward to it! Japan is a different world. Such a different and interesting culture and the fans there are amazing. Super polite, dedicated and respectful.

You are the guitarist of Ozzy Osbourne, how is it to play with him? It must be every guitarist’s rock dream!
It’s the most amazing thing that has happened to me. Being with Ozzy is the biggest honor anyone can have in Heavy Metal. He’s one of the originators of the music we love and grew up with and I’m enjoying every second of being there next to him, whether it’s touring or recording.

You have played already with many great musicians, and you are still very young, do you have in mind a specific band/artist that you would like to perform or write music with?
I’m always open to work with other great musicians and gain more experience. I can’t think of anyone specific right now, but you never know what the future holds.

Do you have a special memory that you want to share from your guitarist-life?
On the most recent Ozzy & Friends tour, I got to jam on stage every night with Slash & Zakk Wylde. These guys are 2 of my biggest guitar heroes and playing with them was a personal highlight!

/Viktoria Colonna

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