Lickanthrope – Moonspell

Lickanthrope – Moonspell 
By Fernando Ribeiro

I’d say all the time that lyrics are open to interpretation and what we did here is just a pure exercise that regards that. Lickanthrope is a song that starting by its title points to a certain erotic approach to a fable that everybody has always wondered about what happens in between closed doors between the wolf and the girl. The song has some “morals” involved and the chorus is essential to unfold them: “we don’t want to be saved”. It might seem childish to refuse salvation and to stick to your guns but in the end of the day your personality is all you can save you from oblivion and being just a number in someone’s wicked agenda. The clock is ticking...” – Fernando Ribeiro

Wolves gleam in human eyes
Stealing tears from divine
Break of hope, break of necks, hand on leash
Can’t go wrong, lickanthrope!

Stealing tears from divine – “I mean that the gods weep at the presence of such figures who defy them.In a world where normalcy is imposed, this wolf man is just an example of a part of our own deep nature. Not all the time things go the way that politics, economics and religion demand. I believe it’s healthy to deal with the beast inside, difference is a right and a characteristic that assists us and should be embraced.” – Fernando
Hand on leash – “The leash represents only the moment before we let go. It’s symbolic. Could be us engaging, a hand in a beautiful long hair as we thrust to please our bodily hungers and joys.” – Fernando

Heart of a wolf breaking the bitter skin
Under the chaos, Under the moon
The pack is gathering!

Little red, riding hood
Godspeed, Prostitute!
Under the stars, Under Venus
The flock keeps giving

Godspeed, prostitute! “The prostitute represents here a symbol of freedom and defiance. Many free women are too easily attached to being libertine. In Portugal a woman who goes out in the night to please her rightful wishes, is still, many unfortunate times, confused with a whore, with an enslaved woman in the eyes of society and in the eyes of God. I use together with a good luck expression to salute women who are not afraid of being feminine and sometimes predators, it all roots down in irony, really. Could be Little red riding hood, in our eyes forever a child, but in many ways someone looking to unveil her sexuality; could be Mary Magdalene; or someone society despises for their liberty of acting the way the body tells them to.” – Fernando
Under the stars, under Venus – “Venus is supposedly the planet connected with love and eroticism. Under its light, first in the morning, the flock gathers to make the love ritual love completed. The wolves are coming and everyone is eager.” – Fernando

The night swallows the day
Her lips find a way
We don’t want to be saved

Her lips find a way – “They find a way of getting to where they feel like being. Regardless the circumstances, which are open to interpretation, what one should focus is that lips always find a way, to comfort, to heal, to excite, to leave a taste on your lips that you wont forget. That’s the point, I don’t intend to reveal the destination, just th e making of the way.”  Fernando

Veil of a queen tying the hands of a king
In the name of the species, under the silks
Let the games begin!

Little red, riding hood
Godspeed your destitute
Under the stars, Under Venus
The clock is ticking

Lunar skin, white as pearl
Collar wine, reap the thine
Ride the bitch to ecstasy
Can’t go wrong, lickanthrope!

Collar wine, Reap the thine – “Red wine stains around the neck yet more symbolism, like marks of a well drunk, spent night. You must know we are Portuguese and that red wine belongs to our concept of recreation and pleasure. To reap the thine, in the Nietzschean sense, of reclaiming and enjoying what is ours for birthright, and that censorship and politics steal from us. It’s like metal nowadays: if you are not a pirate or look like someone coming out from a medieval party you are not cool. Laughable at least.” – Fernando

/Viktoria Colonna

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