Serenity Broken – Commercial Suicide [4.0]

They just released their first brand new album Commercial Suicide on July 13th this year. Serenity Broken, from Athens (Greece), shows us a great experimental energy through a mixture of alternative rock and grunge style. A continually slashing symbiosis of traditional heavy metal riffs with modern-american melodies. Aris has mainly a very clear voice with a touch of toughness that changes between verses and choruses, but a pinch of increasing dynamics is needed in between for giving the songs more sound shifts. Even though you feel safe of the self-esteem which is reflected through the entire album. I would interpret a soft influence of System Of A Down especially in the track ShadowsTattooed Art and Our Hate where the psychedelic funkyness and the slightly oriental riffs are lifted in the sound. A big bounce of energy and desperation in the lyrics remembers Linkin Parks’ long pure tunes like in the song Right In Me :”I feel nothing expect the pain inside, all that I love is falling apart.” The bonus track Def is amazing, George Kollias that guests behind the drums blows up the pace with his virtuosity and speed leaving you breathless. In the slower song Another Fading Memory you can surprisingly hear a new contrast with almost doom-like rhythms and folk music scales embracing a faster beat with aggressive short growls. This album grows the more you listen to it.
These guys released the album themselves, self financed. Still, I can’t believe it, after two years without a label! Serenity Broken has spent much creativity and time to the artwork in the album, with plenty of ambitious details and a constant theme. They already shows you the skills to professionally build a balance between the music and image.

/Viktoria Colonna

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