George Kollias [Nile]

You should all know by now who George Kollias is. Not only one hell of a drummer but even a very distinguished composer. At age 12 he already owned a drum set and from that moment he dedicated his life to music. Today beside playing in the death metal band Nile, inspired of Egypt’s mythology, he’s a drum instructor at Modern Music School.

In what mood are you right now?
I’m in a good mood, we have a new Nile album which just came out, I am also delivering my new DVD right now so it will also be out in one month or so…I guess this is the best stage since I’m getting rewarded for all the hard work I did the past year and more. On the other hand I am so tired like I never was before so I plan to get some rest with every little opportunity…

Have you been to Egypt yourself?
No I never been to Egypt, I would love to go but it just didn’t happened yet…I know a few things about Egypt so I guess this is what I’m waiting to see, Egypt has a massive history but I am also from Greece so I know what to expect.

What can you tell us about your own project, what plans do you have in mind with it?
The plan is to finally record my solo album and get it out there, when I say out there I mean as a free download. This project is just for fun so there is no stress about it, whenever I found time I will focus on it and will make it happen but so far and for the last 2 years and a half I have no time to even rest…The material is ready though, I got more than 10 songs ready and some lyrics, also a lot of pre production which I’m usually posting it online.

You are known as one of the most famous extreme metal drummers, will we in the future hear you take on different drumming styles?
Thank you very much! I don’t know, I’m doing several recordings and jams for fun so far, from power metal to jazz and funk. Some of these songs are session recordings and some just songs (or videos) we did for fun. On my DVD I got a jazz/funk song we played with a few friends of mine and some of the best musicians I know, it was a lot of fun and a huge honor for me! When I do session I care about how to play good for the music and not to prove how much I am into different styles, basically doing my job as well as possible.
I have a funk project with a few friends of mine and we spend some time rehearsing and having fun, nothing serious and that’s the killer part cause we just sit down and play music…

Would you rather have the power to be invisible or the power to read minds?
None of these, imagine if you had one of these powers…the world would suck so much you would kill yourself….I don’t wanna know what everyone thinks in their head or do in their time. I just keep my own business…

/Viktoria Colonna

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