DeathDestruction – New Singer!

The swedish metal band DeathDestruction has announced that the new singer is Tony Jelencovich. Tony is a friend to the band, and he has truly made a mark in the Gothenburg scene with bands like B-Thong ,Transport League and Massive Audio Nerve. He’s also worked with bands like Mnemic and the Russian band Icon In Me.

Tony has everything we look for in a lead singer and a frontman, so the choice was just so easy when we had to find ourselves a new singer. We’re totally stoked about what he will contribute to DeathDestruction! This is going to be so fucking good, people!! ” – said the band.

I’m really happy & excited to be the new singer and frontman in DeathDestruction! This is now, and the new tracks will swing, groove and be hard like God’s own dick!!!” – Tony.


/Viktoria Colonna


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