Thin Lizzy – Sweden 18/7-12

Thin Lizzy – Flustret Trädgård Uppsala (Sweden) 18.07.12  + + + +

I will not write a review about how the 70’s Thin Lizzy can’t be matched, or how much their former Phil Lynott is missed. Don’t get me wrong he will always be missed, as a formidable musician/songwriter, founder of the band, he was and still is Thin Lizzy’s soul. But I must say this, you need a group to build a band. Even if Phil composed a big deal of the greatest hits alone, the band was there with him. They became part of the songs themselves. After playing for many years together the music becomes what you are and what you feel. When it’s been created such a major and significant music that so many appreciate, why let it float away?

Scott Gorham (Guitar), Brian Downey (Drums) and Darren Wharton (Keyboards) did really the right thing to agree to reunite the band 1996. As history tell us they just played old hits in honor of Phil Lynott, many chose to call them a tribute band, but I wouldn’t dare. Even Scott, Brian and Darren contributed to what Thin Lizzy became back then, and were there as a part of it.

Many years have passed, like many changes have Thin Lizzy experienced. But they have always returned through the years and wanted to continue with the music. This can be described as an affirmation that Thin Lizzy is here not only to be remembered but to remain on stage and develop and face the future.
I witnessed their development on stage last night. And this is far away from a tribute band, for me this is a modern Thin Lizzy, with a mixture of a tougher sound plus a new retrospect of the old times. It’s mainly Ricky Warwick (vocals) that delivers a new prospective to the music. He truly maintains his own sound, a rough voice that spices up the tunes with a more aggressive pinch of hard rock but still in a traditional blues wave. Thin Lizzy performed with such happiness and spirit. They all looked to have really fun playing on stage. They were comfortable with each other and Ricky fit in like he has been in the band since much longer time than just a couple of years. The crowd was dancing along, clapping hands, singing, having a really good time. When the greatest hits Whiskey In The Jar, Dancing In The Moonlight, Rosalie, Boys Are Back In Town and Black Rose started you could see all the fans singing the lyrics out loud and their faces brighted up like the present evening sun. The concert had its softer moments when the harmonica introduced Cowboy Song and the ballad Still In Love With You embraced the summer breeze.

Stand up people! You can’t sit down when Thin Lizzy is stayin’ right here!!” – Ricky screamed to the audience that sat on the balcony of Flustret. “One more time Uppsala, Can you sing it?” And everyone sang along louder and louder. Thin Lizzy had the crowd with them until the end.
Thin Lizzy made a professional performance in harmony, virtuosity and with a strong never-ending energy. Thin Lizzy gave us the old hits back to life, and even if you could feel that Phil Lynott is still strongly honored through the music, you surely can hear that this band is looking forward.

/Viktoria Colonna

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