The Quill

George “Jolle” Atlagic – Drums

Magnus Arnar – Vocals

Christian Carlsson – Guitar

Roger Nilsson – Bass

It’s half past eleven at night and Nightwish is playing in the background with the sound of a cheering crowd. It’s friday at Getaway Rock Festival, Christian Carlsson and I are in the middle of the festival area, where we found a quieter spot. The Quill performed just the day before and the concert went really well so Christian was in a great mood. The Quill is mainly from Småland, a region in the south of Sweden, and they have been around actually since 1990, and between the change of members and rearrangements the band found its place. “The band is from Mönsterås from the beginning, me and the drummer started this band very long time ago, when we were just teenagers. The bass guitarist is from Oskarshamn, a town really close to Mönsterås, the former singer was from the same town, but after many years it didn’t work out with him anymore, and then we finally found Magnus from Gävle, a really great guy! So we have like a new start, with new partners, everything is going fine now.” People in their best festival mood was passing by constantly, so I had to raise my voice asking him when Magnus actually came into the picture. “I remember exactly when it wasThe former singer was very skilled, so we couldn’t just ask anyone to replace him just for keeping up with the band. So we searched for a pretty long while, most on Myspace when it was a great place to scout musicians a couple of years ago. We were looking for a singer with similar influences and actually we found Magnus there! We decided to contact him, it was the same day as Sonisphere in Hultsfred 2010 that I received a sms from him that he accepted to join us!

Just before Magnus Arnar joined The Quill, while searching for a new singer, the band was working with new material since their previous album The Triumph was released in 2006. So when they finally found him they could start to focus on writing new songs and recording the new album, Full Circle, that was released just last summer. “There is more teamwork within the band now. Before it was me or the drummer that wrote the music and the singer wrote the lyrics and the song’s melodies, and the track was done. Now everyone does everything, from writing lyrics, composing, and it’s fun but it can be stressful sometimes because in the past it was decided who did what, but now it’s up to all of us in the band to contribute on the entire final work. Though it’s nicer to make it in a group and the teamwork gets us closer as a band.” The Quill is especially known mainly for their Stoner Rock influences like Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple, but even with a touch of 90’s Grunge. “When we released our first album it was in the middle of the hype of the Stoner Rock genre, like Kyuss and Fu Manchu. We got a lot of gigs and festival events and our band developed very smoothly.” Christian adds: “But it’s not only stoner rock that is in our music, we are big fans of Soundgarden and Alice In Chains, there you can feel the Grunge, even other 90’s modern bands like Black Crows and Lenny Kravitz are though in the background of influences, AC/DC…

“He’s lying, he’s lying!” Roger Nilsson just came out of nowhere and suddenly jumped close to us, joking and putting an arm around Christian’s shoulders – many laughs came afterwards.”We have been doing this for so long that of course many influences came inbetween but we have accomplished our own sound”, Christian said. And this is surely true, The Quill have their own musical sound where you feel like time traveling in the 70’s rock stage but even surrounded with the 90’s grunge metal. A band of great experienced musicians that give their souls while performing, they are comfortable in their image and have found a steady music spot to stand on.

It was Friday night at Getaway Rock Festival, and Black Stone Cherry started their show. So we were all going there and enjoyed the music.

/Viktoria Colonna

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