Richard Marx – An Interview

Right Here Waiting, Hold On To The NIghts, Satisfied some of the hits that made Richard Marx the first male solo artist in history to have his first 7 singles reach the top 5 on Billboard’s single chart!   With his first album 1987, Don’t Mean Nothing, he sold 3 million copies and year 1989 Repeat Offender made his success even more great selling over 7 million copies all over the world. In May he has released the 2CD album Inside My Head featuring rare and new material along with his greatest hits.

And here especially for Music Is On I’ve got the chance to interview Richard!

Hi Richard, It’s really an honor to asking you a few questions, how has this summer been so far? So far it’s been great. Although I haven’t been performing much since May, I’ve been in the studio making my first Christmas album, recording it mostly live with symphony so it’s been pretty exciting. And I’ve been relaxing a bit with my family.

You just released the new album Inside My Head, what can you tell us about it? It’s a collection of newer material that I’ve written and produced the last year or so. It’s my first album of original material in Europe in many years.

Inside My Head contains even old songs. Have you remastered them or changed them? There’s a bonus disc of a bunch of my hits that I re-recorded. Most of them are very faithful to the originals but on a couple of the rock songs I wrote new arrangements to update them and give them a more modern rock sound.

How did the collaboration start with Chris Daughtry and Chad Kroeger (Nickelback), How has it been working with them on this album? Chad and Chris and I wrote “On The Inside”  2 years ago for the Daughtry album, “Leave This Town.” I really love that song so I decided to do a version of my own. I love writing with both of those guys. Chad and I have been friendly for a few years and he introduced me to Chris, who is now one of my pals.

In the new video “Wouldn’t let me love you” are there really your sons playing with you? Have they helped you before, like in recording and performing?  Yep, those are my boys. I call them the Marx Brothers. They’ve done a lot of recording with me over the years. And they’ve sat in on gigs with me here and there. They’re all really, really talented. Plus, I love hanging out with them.

Do you work with other music projects beside “Richard Marx”?  Mainly, I’m a writer and producer for other artists. Me recording my own albums is more like a fun hobby. I’ve worked with many, many artists in many different genres of music over the years. I never get bored.

Are there any plans to play in Europe soon?  Hope so. It’s not just up to me. If a promoter comes to us and wants to bring me over for shows, I’ll be there in a heartbeat!

/Viktoria Colonna

Richard Marx – Wouldn’t Let Me Love You 

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