Getaway Rock Festival 2012 – Third Day

The day of the three 4! I was determined of reviewing these three bands below that really made my day! My last day at this festival couldn’t be better!

CORRODED  + + + +

Lunch time, 1 pm, and the sun is shining up high, I’m sitting in the “pub” area, drinking a cold beer and I have a prefect view of the stage. Corroded is on, and the crowd is growing fast. First band out. It’s always quite empty at the beginning. This band is really new, they released their first album 2009 “Eleven Shades Of Black” and they have already performed at many festivals and on several stages around Sweden. 6 Ft Of Anger – my favorite – fills the Blue Stage festival area, Jens Westin (Voice) own the stage, he is very safe with his voice. The band has a real teamwork going on, smooth and fast. While Inside You is playing you can just hear how much Corroded has grown as a band.  The backing vocals are more clear and the sound is much more tight. The concert is getting better and better, with the following songs The Scars The Wounds, Piece by Piece and It’s up to You. Jens talks to the crowd, joking with it and getting it involved directly with the band. The final set is a bunch of more famous songs such as Age of Rage made for the marketing of the video game Battlefield Play4free and the brand new single I Am The God, here Corroded has become more technical and progressive, with a heavy complexity that raises their potential.

ALWAYS WAR  + + + + 

A Moshpit takes form directly when Always War starts! It’s already quite a good crowd in front of the Yellow stage even if the audience have left a wide space of freedom for the moshpit group. On stage there are situated two digital background displays on each side showing different videos with different colors during the songs. The lighting system is just amazing, psychedelic spotlights float asymmetric through the room, making the show much more massive. The sound is balanced, all the instruments have the neccessary space in the total unite. Ronnie Nyman (Voice) gives the crowd so much energy, jumping and moving on stage with no time to rest. In the middle of the show just without notice the singer of Keep Rising guests growling on a song.The change is fast and undisturbed. Always War have fun performing, they are great at what they do: A perfect symbiosis of metal and hardcore.

BEHEMOTH + + + +

Immersed in the show from the beginning I’m actually  on the second line, first time without in front “the wall of the North”, I can watch close the entire concert. Ov Fire and the Void opens a theatrical performance of brutal and determined devastation where black meets death metal. Though something happened with Nergal‘s (Voice) guitar. It sounds perfect where I stay, but  already after almost 15 minutes his guitar’s sound doesn’t reach out to the crowd from the big stage amplifiers. Nergal’s frustration raises and his anger applies on his body language. But Behemoth are professionals, they keep on the focus and continue the show with even more quality and toughness. Orion (Bass) and Inferno (Guitar) switch places from left to right different times during the concert, making almost a directional eye contact with the front row. Nergal also moves around giving view-satisfaction for the entire audience. They are hypnotizing, cruel, virtuosos and actually really sexy…Orion especially, with his bad-vampire look, matches well the music’s rhythm and atmosphere making me almost in trance. After the last song Chant for Eschaton 2000 they suddenly just go off stage leaving us wanting for more. With a devil mask Behemoth returns with Lucifer performing one hell of a doom-finale making the technical problem forgettable and this show completely gorgeous unforgettable.

/Viktoria Colonna

(Corroded photo by Andreas Lindmark, Always War and Behemoth photos by Christoffer Bertzell)


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