Getaway Rock Festival 2012 – Second Day

This day I really focused on meeting people, catching up with old friends and getting to know new ones. A festival with the common theme of rock music connects us automatically together. We are there for the same reasons, and the social barrier breaks when you enter the festival area. Finntroll was a perfect soundtrack for my mingle in the outdoor-pub. I really enjoyed their concert, they played straight forward with such an energy that you really didn’t need that cup of coffee at all.


These guys offer us today and incredible show. Almost a 5/5 but the sound of the Blue Stage kept them just a breath under the top. Ah those amplifiers, they made the instruments sound like a thunder-storm time to time. Jens Kidman (Voice) screams with a overpowered strength that cut through everything else. I remained most impressed by Tomas Haake (Drums) and his indescribable fast and tight playing without the presence of mistakes. They played a menu of different songs, new and old like  Do Not Look Down from the new album Koloss the power machine song Bleed and Rational Gaze.

Amon Amarth and Crashdiet almost performed at the same time, leaving me go back and forth through the festival area. I’ve seen Amon Amarth many time before so I wanted to give Crashdiet a fair chance with their quite new member setup.


Right in a sleaze world you just cannot remain unsurprised by them. Crashdiet a color-crazy, sleaze ecstasy of 80’s influences. Simon Cruz (Voice) is like possessed by sir rhythm on stage. He never stays at the same spot giving the crowd a radiation of extremely self-esteem. Despite being energetic the concert never seems to increase on dynamic. It feels as the songs are a continuation of the previous ones just played. The instruments floated in a misformed unit, making the sound unfortunately unclear.  I can though imagine that in a dark rock club in Stockholm, Crashdiet will show a more true face and their sleaze will get the toughness it deserves.

SATYRICON + + + + +

Black metal Satyricon is almost on the ultimate perfection of metal performance. It may appear that the guitarist and bassist next to Satyr (Voice) are twins. Their movements are in a well planned choreography with a strict motivated symbiosis that unite grace with toughness. Tonight Satyricon is an entire band, not just Satyr and Frost, but all the members make a unit. The music is dangerous erotic, keeping you wanting to hear more and more. Black Crow On a Tombstone  has a doom-melodic interlude between the verses that is indescribable sensual. A mixture of mythology and evil increase while The Wolfpack and Possessed are on. Calling out the Mother North and the crowed head bangs and scream with Satyr. Like a ritual. Like a dark prayer the audience assists this spectacular show. Fuel For Hatred shows how Satyricon sometimes mixes black metal with actually some traditional heavy metal riffs and more doom-melodramatic intermezzos. When it’s time for this last song you have already forgotten about the time, it’s the last song, and while dancing like a lunatic through the typical Satyricon 4 tunes-riffs you fill of hunger for so much more.

/Viktoria Colonna

(All photos by Christoffer Bertzell)

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