Getaway Rock Festival 2012 – First Day

This is the third year for Getaway Rock Festival in Gävle (Sweden) but it’s the first time that I’ve been there! Just one hour from where I live it’s nice to finally not need to plan the trip in time, it’s just waking up slowly, eat breakfast, pack some clothes, tent supplies and just drive!

The festival is situated at the quarter Gasklockarna near the harbor, just 10 min from downtown. The festival area was very open and the organisation floated very smoothly. Near the two main stages, Green Stage and Blue Stage were two “pub” areas located just close to them, so you could watch the stage while sitting in a bench and taking a drink.There were like always the traditional food booths, all from Tex-Mex, Langos and BBQ. The hygiene functionality worked quite well, and there weren’t long queues at all because there were many toilet facilities.

The sound could have been better. On the Blue Stage many bands had several issues with the sound technique, the bass was too high compared to the other amplifiers. Other bands had with them their own sound engineer that made quite a difference. The main Green Stage was very high, so it was a bit difficult for the press-photographers to take good pics of the bands. Another thing that I would improve to next year is to set up at least one big display for each main stage. For them far away it should be a “must have”.

The weather was awesome and warm Thursday 5/7 (First Day). I arrived already at 11 o’clock so we had much time to set up the tent, chitchat with the camping companions and organising all the press materials. I managed to watch almost all the bands on my “to see list” and I even review some of them everyday.


The first day begun with Dynazty, a very young heavy metal band from Stockholm, Sweden, formed in 2007. Sad that it was just at the start of the festival, many hadn’t come yet to the festival area that day so it was less crowded than the other upcoming days. They started just a half hour before Mustasch so some abandoned the concert to go to the main Green Stage. Even if the audience was small, Dynazty gave everything on stage. Energy, charisma and scene play. Nils Molin (Voice) sang with a strong confidence and powerful strength and the sound supported the entire band without unnecessary amps’roars. A soft but tough new 80’s music gives a great start for the festival!


It’s Never Too Late from the new album Sounds like hell, Looks like heaven, starts the show. With a hot summer sun shining on the fresh arrived festival people, it’s just time to hard rock. They almost all wear blue this time and clearly behind hangs the traditional “Above All” backdrop. Ralf Gyllenhammar (Voice) is cool and comfortable speaking with the audience and almost starting a dialogue with it. The sound is loud and the bass gave vibrations into the chest when staying close to the stage. Ralf seems quite tipsy this afternoon and he says continually through the show “Cheers Everyone!” Although he sings like he should, with a strong blues rock voice filled of rough dynamics. But even if he tries to cheer up the other members in the band, he is the only that shows an energetic festival mood. Down in Black, The Challenger and Deep in The Woods follow and the crowd is growing. Even the crowd plays “hard to get”, remaining pretty calm during the entire concert. After the new Speed MetalHeresy Blasphemy and the old single Bring me Everyone ,they play a soft ballad, I’m Frustrated, and this is the only time that the guitars together are quite untuned. Later on after one improvised drum solo when Ralf had to “find” another guitar they play Morning Star a new song actually dedicated to Ralf’s daughter. Ralf gets the red wine bottle on stage closing the concert with of course their most famous song Black City, Mine written by David Johannesson (lead Guitar) and I Hunt Alone, screaming between the songs “Crowd, I love you all“! …And we love you Ralf!

THE QUILL + + + +

The Yellow Stage inside the round tower fills with stoner rock and traditional heavy metal, The Quill, starts with full energy. This veteran band from Småland (Sweden) is very welcomed even if Graveyard is playing on the main Green stage just outside. Low red lights and stage smoke makes the atmosphere like a mysterious underground. The first three songs are from the latest album Full Circle, with the main song Full Circle, Sleeping With Your Enemy and Medicine the band recall us of an early 70’s wave with a tougher Led Zeppelin and a more blues riffed Black Sabbath that floats into the 90’s sound of Soundgarden and Kyuss. .The band generates a happiness in their musicianship and does not only deliver a musical experience but also a travel through time. The musicians, in their artsy seventies outfits, invites you to an open party where everyone is welcome. And with these gentlemens background and stage experience you feel safe as the stage play is executed in a comfy tilted mode where you swing along. Conny Bloom (Hanoi Rocks) guests on the stage with the song Black Star keeping on rising the crowd to the top!

“I’m surprised that many people came to the concert because we played at the same time as Graveyard” said Christian Carlsson (lead Guitar) after the show – “We had this great opportunity to play at Getaway so we took it and I’m glad that a lot of people was there” – ” Getaway Festival is really great, a big festival in the center of the city, with a beautiful sea view. Magnus, just lives 8 minutes from here, it’s nice to have it comfortable” – Christian says.

It should have been The Quill on the main stage. So great they were!


They give already form the start  a gothic atmosphere making the sunset mysterious and the crowd almost hypnotized. The sound is almost too loud. I would bring down the bass and making the voice more clear with less treble. They head bang, looking at the audience. Their background on stage is wide and powerful as well as their movements. The band looks like one solo artist, they swallow their image in one unique unite. Intros of a cosmic synth surrounds the stage like a spell. A butterfly is flying just close to me making those music notes like a fairytale. The crowd is tight within the music’s rhythm and Fernando Ribeiro (Voice) is comfortable and close to the audience, calling them under the Moonspell. Like myself, follow this spell into this fabulous show.

/Viktoria Colonna

(All photos by Christoffer Bertzell)


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