Getaway Rock Festival – A Success

Getaway Rock Festival 2012 was a great success in both enforcement and public figures. 12,000 people had a ticket during the  three days’ festival to gather around the Gasklockorna in Gävle, and this is the highest audience number in the history of the festival. Both safety officers for the festival and the police have confirmed that it was a quiet event in which no serious incidents have been reported.

The planning for next year’s festival is already in its early days, and they are waiting for an evaluation and reviews of visitors’ opinions and comments on the event. However, we can now announce that there will be a move of dates for Getaway Rock Festival 2013, which will then be held in August 1 to 3.

Our visitors have been very happy, really fun to see that many who have traveled very far to see the bands we booked and experience the atmosphere of the festival,” says Gunnar Lagerman (festival menager) – With the move of the date it will open up and simplify our booking work and also purely logistical stay more appropriately in time for our organization conducting several other festivals around Europe.” 

/Viktoria Colonna

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