Grand Magus – Heavy Metal!

All that they need. 3 great musicians and Grand Magus is complete with a full sound of a traditional heavy metal band. Now with the release of their new album The Hunt, they go back even earlier in time, let’s say the 70’s, with more softer metal tunes with a blues finnish in it. Folk music is in the surroundings making the sound sometimes even dramatic.

Fox  (bass)

Janne “JB” Christoffersson  (lead vocals, guitar)

Ludvig “Ludde” Witt  (drums)

This summer has started very well for Grand Magus, they have a busy period with many shows and they are spreading the new album with the MetalFest tour. “We’ve done eight festivals so far with the Metalfest in Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Croatia, Poland, Czech Republic and Italy. Great arrangements and great crowds. It was also the first time that we played songs from The Hund  and they went down really well, In Italy it was actually an indoor setup instead of open air so it was a nice change of pace– We have about 4 more festivals to go this summer, Metalcamp and Bloodcamp among others. Then we’re going to Sundsvall, Athens and Calgary in September and then probably some touring in the fall” – JB.

This year they have a new member, the drummer Ludvig “Ludde” Witt, who actually has played together before with JB in the band Spiritual Beggars – even this a traditional swedish heavy metal band. “It feels great. I’m very happy and proud to be a part of Grand Magus. I’ve been a fan of the band for years so it’s very cool to play the old stuff live and of course the new stuff from The Hunt is very exciting to play live as well. It’s also been great to catch up with JB and getting to know Fox a bit better. In other words, two fists in the air!!! “- Ludde says.

There have been different reviews about The Hunt , some have associated their last sound even with Whitesnake and UFO, more classic, less hard. ” I think The Hunt has more variation than our previous albums.We really focused on making an album with a lot of dynamics and different feels and to make each song stand out” – JB . And so it is, this album is more simple and less complicated than the older ones, but each song is different from the other, removing the risk of repetition or déjà vu you often find in a general context of long-lived traditional classic heavy metal. Always with a very expressive voice of JB, which is a refinement of the vocal lines and the trademark strengths of the work, The Hunt is a nice confirmation of our expectations.

It’s a heavy metal album! Like heavy metal should be, haha! – JB

/Viktoria Colonna

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